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How can you refine your top candidates list further with pre-built filters?
How can you refine your top candidates list further with pre-built filters?

Refine your AI generated top candidate list with filters

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While AI Matching gives you very accurate results based on the job details and the candidate profiles, you can refine that further with pre-applied filters. We have highlighted some very specific filters commonly used by recruiters.

Firstly, when you find top candidates for a job, we auto-apply a filter where we block all candidates that belong to the companies you have blocked on Recruiterflow.

You also get four very specific filters, new to Recrutierflow, to deduce a list that gives you the perfect match. Here are the four filters and what they mean:

  1. Has been in touch lately: Shows only those candidates that you have engaged within the last 9 months. These are warm candidates who could be easier to place.

  2. Not placed in last 1 year: Removes candidates from the list placed by you in the last 1 year. This prevents you from hiring candidates from your existing clientele too soon.

  3. Not in Active Job: Removes candidates who are already added to any active job you are currently working on. Though you can add candidates to multiple active jobs, it’s advisable to keep them in check.

  4. Near Job Location: Only shows those candidates that are within a 25km radius of the job location added in the Job details. Extremely helpful if the job requires the candidate to be present in the office.

To learn what actions you can take on your filtered list, head to the help article here:

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