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My jobs are not visible on Indeed
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When you first post a job to Indeed’s organic feed (or any other job boards) there is a between the job being created on Recruiterflow and actually being live on these job boards.

The delay based on how often those job boards refresh their data.

Delay Estimates for popular job boards:

  • LinkedIn: 24-36 hours

  • Glassdoor: 24-36 hours

  • Indeed: 12-24 hours

  • ZipRecruiter: 24-30 hours

Why my jobs aren’t showing up On Indeed?

If your job has not been posted within the given time frame, this may be a sign that your job has been flagged as “spam” and blacklisted from the jobs feed.

So, We recommend that you reach out to someone from indeed and they will be able to help you out.

Why is my Job flagged on Indeed?

As per Indeed's policy, they may require you to sponsor the following types of Job Ads: identical jobs posted in multiple locations, jobs posted with a confidential or generic company name, jobs that are commission only, hard-to-fill jobs, jobs posted by a staffing agency, recruitment process outsourcer, or other recruitment-based company, and any other jobs as determined by Indeed.

You can also check out their updated policy here:

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