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Campaign Email Sending Limits Overview
Campaign Email Sending Limits Overview
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Sending limits are the maximum number of emails that can be sent from your email inbox per day across campaigns. This does not include emails sent via profile, bulk email and/or recipes.

Recruiterflow used your connected mailbox (can be Office365 or GSuite) to send out emails on your behalf via campaigns. You can link multiple emails as Alias to your account.

Email Service Providers (or ESP) like Office365 and GSuite monitor sent emails to ensure you are an individual emailing other individuals and not a bot. They have their own sending limits per day. That being said, as an additional safeguard, they also monitor other parameters to ensure that the emails being sent are from an individuals. These can be:

  • Age of your mailbox

  • Your email reputation

  • Content of the email

  • Marked as spam percentage

  • Emails sent per minute, hour and day

To achieve maximum deliverability, Recruiterflow spreads the email for two consecutive campaign emails (across campaigns) by 60-90 seconds. We do this for your best interest so that your email is not blocked.

To allow you to maintain a healthy inbox, Recruiterflow allows you to customise your sending limits.

You can customise the email sending limits from:

We suggest keeping the maximum emails sent across campaigns to less than 200.

You can, however, increase or decrease it based on your preference. The less emails you send, the better your deliverability and open rates will be. Higher the emails, higher are the chances of your email reputation decreasing and ultimately losing email as an effective medium to reach people.

We know that you want to reach as many people as possible—without restrictions. But your reputation matters. If you overdo it, you risk getting flagged as spam. Nobody likes spam.

The campaign feature is designed for personalised reach out that is scaled in such a way that it increases the email reply and delivery rates. In case, you want to send mass emails, like for sending newsletter, to use a marketing automation software. These softwares use their own domain to send emails, using this, you won't be penalised. However, the open rates, deliverability and reply rates will be low.

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

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